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"I can recommend her to any family anxious about the college application process"

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Vita Cohen for the past four years as she tutored my oldest son, Jacob, who is now 18.  She also handled Jacob’s entire college application process for my wife and me, from school selection to application and acceptance.

Jacob got into his first choice, and two months in, is thrilled with his selection. Vita has just started working with our 10th grader Sam and I anticipate the same smooth, easy process. 

I've had the opportunity to refer several friends to Vita and have received nothing but positive feedback from them on Vita's work. Vita has been a blessing in the life of our family, and I can recommend her to any family anxious about the college application process."

- Joel Greenwald, MD, CFP (parent)

"Mom, I need Mrs. Cohen!"

"Our family has been privileged to have Vita involved with our children's education for the past four years. She has provided tutoring, academic coaching, and assisted with organizational skills for two of our sons. She has been superb at helping them better grasp the subject matter in both regular and A.P. History and English courses. We have seen a marked improvement in their writing skills as a direct result of the time they have spent under Vita's guidance. In fact, Vita has even worked long distance to assist with the organization and editing of a few college research papers at the request of our son whom I quote, "Mom, I need Mrs. Cohen!"

Vita has also assisted with college testing preparation as well as navigating the college admissions process. She helped us successfully identify and then complete applications for appropriate colleges and universities including the one he is currently attending. Vita even graciously accompanied one of our sons on a college interview.

Vita has been committed, patient, upbeat, warm, and always encouraging. She helps keep us all on track! We would be lost without her."

- Julie Pyle Ryan (parent)

"Incredible in helping me with my application process for MD/PhD programs"

"Mrs. Cohen was incredible in helping me with my application process for MD/PhD programs. She not only helped me work through doubts about my application, but also answered my questions with her broad knowledge of many schools. Mrs. Cohen gave me great strategies to work through my list of schools and applications. Her work with me on my essays helped me to refine my thoughts and better express myself. Now that the application season is nearing its end, I'm beginning to hear back from the schools I applied to, and thanks to Mrs. Cohen, I couldn't have asked for better results!"

- Laura K.C. (student)

"Vita validated Kate every step of the way"

"I would like to share our family’s experience working with Vita Cohen throughout our daughter Kate’s college search in 2011-2012.

First of all, at the most basic level, the sheer number of schools and volume of overlapping decision criteria you face is overwhelming at best, and hiring a consultant is a tremendous asset. After a comprehensive and thoughtful assessment, during which Vita led Kate gently and supportively through a decision process based on her many interests, Vita generated a list of 20 schools that reflected those interests.

Kate then began the work of researching these schools, and came up with a final list of eight choices. We then began the process of college visits with Vita’s help every step of the way. Vita worked with Kate on everything from logistics, to preparation, to morale support. Vita and Kate then tackled the college application process. I would like to highlight the words “Vita and Kate”—as by this time they had become a very effective team. Vita validated Kate every step of the way, particularly as she tackled her college essays. Words fail to capture the pride and joy I felt as I saw the pictures of Kate poised to press “send” as she sent off her applications. Vita was sitting by her side with a joyous smile.

In the end, Kate was offered admission at 8 out of 8 schools, thus leaving her with a very difficult choice. Her first call outside our family was to Vita, who came right over and walked Kate through a very thoughtful decision process. Kate is now a happy Freshman at American University in Washington, D.C., and our family will always look back on this as the time when Kate truly began taking responsibility for her choices and actions, and our family shared an amazing experience that we will always cherish.

Vita is tireless in her support of her clients, intuitive and validating in her ability to help students find his/her true self, and put their “best” selves forward as they move through the college search process. We are pleased to enthusiastically recommend Vita Cohen as a college consultant."

- Phyllis T. and Clarke P. (parents)

"I don’t know what I would have done without your help"

"When I first met Vita, I had no idea what I wanted or where I was going to go to college. Being the oldest in my family, my parents had never gone through the process of selecting colleges, or filling out applications and scholarship information either. I do not know what I would have done without Vita. She helped me through the entire process, from deciding what I wanted in a school to being with me when I finally pressed send to submit my applications. Vita made sure I kept to the deadlines I had set for myself, and always kept in close contact even though I live an hour and a half away. I have so far heard back from 4 of the 11 schools I applied to, and have been accepted to all of them and one is even my top choice. Thank you Vita, I don’t know what I would have done without your help."

- Betsy J. (student)

"Nine acceptances out of nine applications"

"You really took the time to get to know the real 'Claire,' through your holistic approach. Let’s face it, it can be tough to get a teenager focused and insightful, but your method worked.

There’s no way that parents these days can truly stay on top of all of all the latest developments on the college front. And in a sense, it is surprising that many parents would approach one of the most precious ‘investments’ that they will ever make, without considering at least some ‘expert help’ to guide them through the process. We’re certainly glad that we did!

You effectively cross referenced ‘Claire’ with your knowledge base about the many colleges and universities, to arrive at a meaningful range of prospective schools for Claire. Your additional guidance with the actual application process — including the ‘daunting’ written essay — further insured success, and we can vouch for that, with 9 acceptances out of 9 applications.

As a result, when our daughter heads off to school this Fall, she’ll be confident in her college decision, and so will her parents!"

- Ken H. (parent)

"I can't thank Vita enough for all of her help over the past four years"

“I can't thank Vita enough for all of her help over the past four years. She worked with my daughter weekly as a tutor and academic coach. She guided us throughout my daughter's high school career, from which classes fit her needs and interests, to when and how to take the ACTs, to which teachers she should ask for Rec letters-and why. Now, in her senior year, she helped my daughter pinpoint the colleges that can provide just the right fit for her academic and career goals. We absolutely plan on using her help next year when my daughter makes the transition to college.”

-Cheri K. (parent)

"Vita provided exactly what we needed to navigate the college application process"

“As a college consultant, Vita provided exactly what we needed to navigate the college application process. She understands teens and what they’re going through, and knows how to support teens and their parents at the same time with grace, even when they may not always be on the same page. Extremely knowledgeable and astute, articulate and encouraging, Vita excels at getting who you are and what your challenges are, helping you realize hidden strengths and identifying what schools would be a good fit. Vita provides the utmost genuine and personalized support and guidance. She truly cares about helping you find your way.”

- Ruth T. and daughters Samantha and Eliana S.

"She has infinite patience, warmth, optimism, and good humor"

“Vita is THE BEST. I can't imagine how we could have gotten through the college application process without her. She has infinite patience, warmth, optimism, and good humor.  She worked with my daughter to select schools, to make "to do" lists and a calendar for getting everything done, and, most important she helped my daughter write essays in her own voice that really captured her essence. She has high standards but insists on authenticity. I recommend Vita wholeheartedly — she not only does a great job, but she makes the college application process a positive, exciting, happy time in the student's life and in the family's life.  Amazing!!”

- Randi Ilyse Roth (parent)
Attorney at Law and Executive Director, Otto Bremer Foundation

"We could go on and on"

“We hired Vita to guide our son through the college application process. Vita completely eliminated the stress between us and our son relating to applications, essays, and deadlines. Most of all, our son appreciated her encouraging and positive attitude.  e really looked forward to their visits and was excited and engaged in the process.  By getting to know our son, Vita helped him generate a list of schools that match his interests, ability and personality. Her dedication and time commitment to our son was amazing. Vita was able to help Erik complete all of his applications well before many of his peers in September, which allowed him to now focus on his school work and extracurriculars and enjoy the rest of his senior year. Erik summarized our experience with Vita best, when he said, "I am so lucky to have Vita!" Our experience with Vita was so positive that we have already hired her for our daughter, who is a sophomore! We could go on and on.”

-Linda and Terry M. (parents)


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